Sony Ericsson Widget Suite

Jul 6, 2011

Sony Ericsson WidgetSuite
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Sony Ericsson Widget Suite

General information:
This project is extended and modified version of SE WidgetManager. It's dedicated for DB3350 phones, but it will work on any A2.
Important: To export your own created configuration, you will need Adobe Flash CS3 (or newer). You can get free 30-days trial on Adobe site.

1. How to use?
You need to create your own configuration first.
Download Sony Ericsson WidgetSuite Editor 1.1:
Widget Suite Editor

More about SE WidgetSuite Editor:
-To enable/disable widget, click on it on the list.
-If widget is already enabled, click "E" to edit its properties.
-Click Prev. / Next screen to switch between screens.
-Click on "Simulate Media Player" to enable media player simulation.

Did you watch the video? Ok! Just copy content of textbox after pressing "Generate" and paste all to Config.txt in WidgetSuite directory on PC.
Now, open WidgetSuite.fla, click "Publish" at the bottom (CS3) or "Edit" near the "Publish" (CS4), then click "Publish" in just created window:

 See Original Source : se-widget-suite