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Mar 12, 2012

Download Room Game Scummvm more game i share in here
Sam & Max Hit the Road is a graphic adventure video game released by LucasArts during the company's adventure games era.
Sam & Max Hit the Road is a adventure game where the player controls the actions of Sam from a third-person perspective.

The player uses Sam to explore the pre-rendered cartoon environments of the game and solve a series of puzzles using a simple point-and-click interface. The game's puzzles have logical solutions, although a number of them have far-fetched solutions due to the game's cartoon setting.

Download Room Game Scummvm Players can set the game's cursor in a particular mode to designate how Sam interacts with the environment: Sam can walk around an area, talk to other characters, look at objects, pick them up or otherwise try to use them.

The cursor's graphic changes when it is hovered over an in-game entity that Sam can interact with. When talking to another character, the player is given a choice of subject areas to discuss, depicted in a conversation tree as icons at the base of the screen.

Download Room Game Scummvm In addition to specific topics involving the game's plot, Sam can inject unconnected exclamations, questions and non sequiturs into a conversation.

Download Room Game Scummvm
Name : Sam & Max Hit the Road
Genre : Adventure
File Name : 1301457901_Sam_&_Max_Hit_the_Road_(rus)_(Full).zip
File Size :250mb ?? yes this large file!
Test  >> : Nokia s60-v3


Download Room Game Scummvm
Name : Gobliins_2_The_Prince_Buffoon
Genre : Adventure
File Name
File Size :2.6 mb
Test >> : Nokia s60-v3


Download Room Game Scummvm
Name : Indiana_Jones
Genre : Adventure
File Name
File Size :6.32 mb
Test >> : Nokia s60-v3



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