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Oct 10, 2011

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Age of Heroes IV: Races


Not only heroes are Un-dead, but those who can be called by heroes are Un-dead too. Skeletons and zombies rising from grave-yards, shadows freezing the blood in the veins of living, nasty creatures created from latest corpses, violent and cruel vampires, and liches, sending plague – these are those who will serve you and will stand under your torn flags.


Orcish god's comin g into the world broke its fundamentals, and let into it the creatures making tremble even orc. Demons are mighty and uncontrollable, but they are not numerous, and attached to the portals they went out. Devils are in their ranks, crossing the battlefield in a moment, fiends throwing fire balls and inspiring horror – demonic magicians.


An order of Lunar Sword inquisitors was created to separate dead from living, forever. In the time of peace the order keeps borders of human empire protecting valleys of human's magicians and keeping them under surveillance – and woe to those who'll dare to cross the boundaries of allowable knowledge. Inquisitors include – mercenaries who don't afraid of anyone or anything, thought to fight with horrible creatures of magic; and mighty paladins, turning undead by a single touch.


They had won the war, and beast-god Khar, embodied in the leader Rakgul, sat on throne in the shell of elven Eternal Tree. There are no wood elves any more, and orcs don't chase them intentionally, but when they meet them, they will never step back and will never have mercy on elves. They have – accurate hunters, fearless warriors, and kharhars – orcish army elite.


Not numerous tribes of brave and strong people living in the icy deserts of the North are accustomed to meet any danger face to face. They disdain magic, fighting steel to steel – their swordsman are impetuous and fearless, their berserkers wearing animal skins and armed with huge axes compare well even with orcs, and their spearman can throw their weapon to eighty steps piercing any armor.


Magic of dead ones differs from magic of living ones – as death itself it has special power above life.

Dead magicians can send plague to living ones, swallow up life and give it to their warriors, make enemies to grow old for a dozens of years in a few minutes, generate clouds of parasites and cover the battlefield with fog, impervious for eyes of mortals.

Some magicians will be able to master elemental magic and magic of demons – making land to crack under the feet of enemies, scatter their ranks by hurricane's whirlwinds, burning alive and freezing their warriors. And the few will be able to master mystery of illusions and prophecy – hiding rows from enemies' eye on the battlefield and gaining sight of the invisible.


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