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Oct 9, 2011

Lordmancer MMORPG for Mobile phones

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Quiltlands Races

Lordmancer's universe is inhabited by numerous creatures of all sorts. Living under the circumstances of a collapsing world, many creatures have formed groups. Now there are five predominant races in the world, with other creatures occasionally joining them. The five races are People, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs and Undead. There is also a group of creatures that represents Quiltlands itself. They do not want to deal with any of the other races. Everybody calls them Neutrals.
=> Orcs
=> Dwarfs
=> Undead
=> People
=> Elves
=> Neutrals

Orcs are an aggressive race. Their warriors possess high speed and strength when attacking. However, defence is their weak point. Orcs often attack locals, rob towns and enslave civilians. These are the reasons for other races to be hostile towards Orcs. People are the only race that tolerates Orcs. Unlike other races, Orcs cannot have the neutral Dragons, Magicians and Banshees join them.

The Orcs race is good for aggressive players that choose attacking other players as the primary tactics of the game. Orcs have good attack skills and enjoy the advantage of the first move. Sometimes while battling they grow so enraged that they make two moves in one turn. The higher the Agility Level of an Orc hero, the more often his warriors may become Berserkers. On the downside, Orcs have to rely only on themselves as no Neutral creature will ever join them.


Dwarfs are rich and businesslike. Their underground storages are full of gold that they spend on good weapon and armour. Defence is Dwarfs’ strong point. The only race they treat friendly is People.

This race is good for careful and frugal players. Dwarfs earn more than those of other races. That is why they always have a chance to buy new armour and defence artefacts. Their stealth movements allow them to avoid unnecessary fighting.


Ancient necromancers could raise people and other creatures from the dead. The resurrected were called the Undead and, as they inherited some of the necromantic craft, they have been developing and perfecting it over thousands of years. Now the armies of the Undead are numerous and strong. They are masterful users of magic. Some believe that it was the Undead who were involved in the collapse of what used to be a solid world into a patchwork of disparate races. Except for People, all other races furiously hate the Undead.

Playing as an Undead is not that easy. You are to combine wisely the strength of their army and their magic. But the one who chooses an Undead as his game character really gets all sorts of power and opportunities. You may be able to raise from the dead some of your killed warriors. As a novice, you may raise them only as skeletons; however, as you wisdom grows, you will be able to raise mightier warriors and even bring to life vampires.


The heroes of the People race do not have much physical strength, but they possess great leadership skills. Thanks to a high level of tolerance People are able to use magic items and hire armies from other races, except Elves.

The race of People is perfect for beginners because of the ease with which the hero will be able to find necessary items and hire warriors in any Land.

Elves are a very withdrawn and isolated race. There are nearly no facts as to how they appeared in Quiltlands or their culture. Elves cannot use items made by other races and never hire alien warriors. Elves’ troops are not numerous, but they are very accomplished in battle. Elves have excellent magic techniques.

When you choose an Elf character, you are to think out your tactics thoroughly. Elves’ advantages do not involve brute force. What you should focus on when choosing a character of Elf is good artefacts and magic power. But you should also remember that some artefacts can be expensive. 

Neutrals do not fight against any of the races, nor do they help anyone. Neutrals do not associate their destiny with any of the races. They seek their own way and appreciate independence. Dragons are the strongest creatures in Quiltlands; they also try to stay neutral in the never-ending war.

You cannot choose a Neutral to be your game character, but you will have a chance to use Neutral creatures and items in the game. They always possess special powers.

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